Welcome to the Bet Lounge ($BETZ) Whitepaper, explaining the product and vision behind Bet Lounge PvP.

Introduction To $BETZ

Bet Lounge ($BETZ) is a state of the art product which revolves around the concept of decentralized betting and gamifying the Telegram app. Telegram is already a very versatile app which is estimated to have 1 Billion users by the end of 2024. This makes it one of the most popular messaging apps with only WhatsApp, messenger and WeChat beating Telegram by user count. The vast amount of users, flexibility of telegram files and potential for exponential growth means there is an untapped market within these Telegram communities. There is no product like this that exists. Currently there is no product where you can do 'Peer to Peer' (P2P) betting on telegram, neither are there mini games like poker available on telegram that is directly native and has the ability to not only be flexible but able to be integrated into any Telegram group.

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